Tommy Lee gets called out for body-shaming older, female beach-goer: ‘Do better as a human’


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Tommy Lee is being criticized for social media posts. (Photo: Getty Images)

Even at 55, Tommy Lee will never part with his bad-boy persona, but he’s being called out for crossing over to rude-boy posturing in a new social media post.

The Mötley Crüe drummer is on vacation with his fiancée, Brittany Furlan, who is 23 years his junior, in his native Greece. He decided to take a break from posting photos of their backsides to share an unflattering photo of a fellow beach-goer — a person minding their own business, reading a book under an umbrella — with an unnecessarily snarky caption: “Sometimes on vacation there’s beauty …. and other times there’s not!”

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(Image: Tommy Lee via Instagram)

The unnecessary criticism of an apparent stranger set off commenters, and Lee soon deleted the post from Instagram and Twitter. (However, it remains up on Facebook.) The comments were pretty blunt:

  • “Dude, this is f**ked up. Do better as a human.”
  • “There’s being real. And then there’s being real douchy.”
  • “I thought that was tommy himself… Better take a better look in the mirror there TL you’re not far off.”
  • “Beach body=have a body, go to the beach! Love all.”

More than one referenced his infamous sex tape, including, “I agree! And tommy the world has had to endure seeing your not so lovely looking [private parts] on many occasions. I’d rather be looking at this tbh.”

For good measure, Lee later posted a video from the beach in which he zoomed in on Furlan’s bikini body and then panned over to an older, nude beach-goer standing nearby — presumably the same woman — and said condescendingly, “Alllllright” as she stood there, unaware she was being broadcast to Lee’s 400,000 followers. (We’ll pass on posting the image of the unclothed woman, which remains up in his Instagram Stories.)

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Lee also posted a video that started by zooming in on his fiancée Brittany Furlan’s bikini bod, panned over to an older. nude beachgoer and remarked condescendingly, “Alllllright.” (Image: Tommy Lee via Instagram)

One would think that Lee realized he crossed a line, leading to the deletion of the first post. Then again, maybe not because it remains up on Facebook, and he later posted video of the nude woman standing up.

Lee’s previous vacation photos have focused on himself and Furlan:

Lee’s vacation comes ahead of a Mötley Crüe reunion. Vince Neil recently announced that the guys, who last performed together in 2015, will hit the studio together to record four new songs. They have yet to announce what they’re recording the songs for, but there’s speculation it’s tied to the upcoming film adaptation of their memoir, The Dirt: Confessions of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band, which will feature Machine Gun Kelly as Lee. The movie will run on Netflix.

Beyond that, Lee has also made headlines this year for his ongoing public spat with his son, Brandon Lee. Lee ripped his two sons with ex Pamela Anderson in a Father’s Day post, and Brandon reacted by saying he’s twice the man Lee would ever be. That led to a very public war of words, including Brandon posting a video of his father seemingly unconscious, and Lee saying in a post that he paid for Brandon to go to rehab. Sounds like “do better as a human” can be applied to multiple things in this scenario.

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