​There’s A Petition To Bring Back The Old ‘Beyblade’ Series

Who remembers Beyblade, the Japanese anime TV series that ran in the early 2000s? The animated show followed a young LAD called Tyson as he entered the Japan Regional Beyblade Qualifying Tournament – a competition that saw people battle it out with a spinning top toy that featured various different jazzy features.

The series proved so popular that the fictional toys were then brought out into the real word – and soon became the ultimate tool for playground battling across the world.

After its original run, the show’s creators did bring out several sequels and spin-offs, but none were as big a hit with fans as the real deal.

In fact, fans still feel so enamoured with the early 2000s Beyblade that some are actually petitioning for its return.


The online petition reads:I know there are millions of Beyblade fans out there who waited for season 4 of Beyblade and to see the good old story but after that long waiting time, all we have are a bunch of new characters (old ones were way cooler).”

It added: “I want to get Beyblade airing with the same characters we all love.”

One person commenting on the petition wrote: “The old Beyblade was serious stuff and they gave good message to kids to never give up and always lovely to friends and believe yourself. Even enjoyed by adults. New ones are just plastic.”

And the feeling’s mutual over on social media, where for several years now, people have been joining in with pleas for a return of the original show.

 Credit: Twitter

So far the petition’s reached the not-so-lofty heights of 30 signatures, but judging from the cult following that the show has, no doubt things will pick up in no time.

What other shows from your childhood would you love to see return to screens? Or should we just let the good old days remain in the past?

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