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A new policy at the Tri-County Cineplex has sparked outcry from the community.

The movie theater will no longer permit individuals to carry large purses or backpacks into the theater because of safety precautions.

Suzie Razmus, owner of Tri-County Cineplex, explained that after the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting in 2012, Tri-County Cineplex had been working to upgrade the safety measures deemed necessary to protect guests.

The new policy on bag sizes is just the next step in that process, Razmus said.

The policy follows an increase in alarms on the doors and cameras around the facility.

This policy is not new to the area, Razmus said. The Corbin Arena and other venues of the same nature have adopted similar policies.

Razmus wanted to inform the community that diaper and medical bags will be permitted after being searched. The searches will be performed by the door workers or by a member of management. The searches will consist of individuals opening the bags and a flashlight being used to examine the contents.

“We want our customers to be happy but safe,” Razmus stated.

The policy has been posted at the facility for the past six months and went into effect immediately following the Fourth of July.

Razmus did not expect to receive as much negative criticism as she has, but she wants to emphasize that the purpose for the policy is to protect the patrons of the theater.

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