New Music Friday: Queer Artists to Listen to Now

New Music Friday: Queer Artists to Listen to Now 

If you’re looking for some songs to add to your summer playlist, we’ve got you covered. Tunde Olaniran’s new song “I’m Here,” and Princess Nokia’s “Morphine,” (which has a new music video today) deserve love from your Spotify repeat button.

Olaniran, who comes from Flint, Michigan, was dubbed, “a playful multi-hyphenate provocateur who sings, raps, writes, and choreographs from a vast well of creativity,” by NPR Music. His full album, “Stranger,” will be released on October 5 and “I’m Here” will satisfy your ears until then.

Listen to Tunde Olaniran’s “I’m Here”:

Listen and watch Princess Nokia’s “Morphine,” which is on her April 13 mixtape, “A Girl Cried Red”:

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