New Little Free Library in Niwot

The Little Free Library at The Niwot Fire House Museum held its Grand Opening Wednesday, July 4 after Niwot’s Independence Day parade. This Little Free Library is a model of the Fire House Museum building next to the Left Hand Grange. The library is officially registered (#60484) on Little Free Library’s world map at

The newest library is provided and sponsored by the Niwot Historical Society (NHS). It was built and painted to match the historical society’s Fire House Museum building in front of which it stands. Kirk Stewart, who designed and built the Little Free Library at Niwot Children’s Park, also built the Fire House Museum Little Free Library. Exterior painting and art were done by Kathy Koehler and Krista Koehler, and an interior train and mountain scene were done by Carolyn Bradley. All are NHS members. The Niwot Rotary sponsored the registration.

This is the third Little Free Library in Niwot. The Niwot Children’s Park Little Free Library was dedicated last January, and focuses on children’s books for use by the reading tree. The original Little Free library in Niwot is located at 79th Street and Niwot Road and was put up by a CU sorority.

All these libraries need books. Consider donating a book or two to one of them. History books are great for the Fire House Museum’s library and children’s books are badly needed for the one in Children’s Park.

This article originally appeared here via Google News