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MILL VILLAGE – Students from the DEVI School in Mill Village are working hard in preparation for showing a musical production on the Astor Theatre stage. 

Here I Am will hit the stage in the Liverpool June 23 at 7:30 p.m. 

“It’s about a student who lands in boarding school in Canada, but really the place, although it has a large part in the play, it’s not of so much importance. It’s more about the experience of boarding school, in generally – universally,” explained Shivani Robertson, director of the show and a teacher at the school. 

Also tied in to the play, explains Robertson, is the teenage experience of self-development. And another component to the play is how people’s environments can change their experiences. 

“A lot of the play is about nature and the setting here,” she added. 

Here I Am involves almost all the students at DEVI School. Some students are helping with costumes, while others are assisting with backstage management and the remaining students will be singing, acting or dancing. 

Central to the play is the music and dance, said Robertson, who’s directing a production this year. 

“This is definitely a first-time experience for me,” said Robertson. 

Robertson, who’s from London, England, says she’s always enjoyed theatre and studied a lot of plays in university. 

Robertson says she’s adjusted well to Mill Village and Queens County. 

“It’s completely peaceful, and you can hear yourself think,” she said. 

As a child, Robertson attended boarding school. So, she, like the DEVI School students, is familiar with collective living.

Lots of effort

Students began to work on the show about a month ago.

“But the musical side of things, which is the kind of main focus of it, has been going on for a lot longer,” Robertson explained. 

Robertson says one of the challenges she’s faced has been organizing everything and ensuring everything is running smoothly. 

“There haven’t been too many bumps in the road just yet,” she added. 

She says the most enjoyable part of directing has been rehearsals and seeing how they play out. 

Because of how soon the production is set to happen, Robertson says students have been rehearsing every evening. As they head into exams, things will go on hold for a short time.  

The DEVI School is a non-profit, international boarding school. It serves the “world-wide community of families practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation.”

To learn more about DEVI School, visit Go to to learn more about the Astor Theatre and Here I Am. 

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