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Published Jul 12, 2018 at 8:00 am
(Updated Jul 12, 2018 at 7:44 am)

  • Book launch: outgoing Chief Justice Ian Kawaley, Karen Williams-Smith, president of the Bar Association, and Karen Skiffington, editor of Offshore Commercial Law in Bermuda

    Book launch: outgoing Chief Justice Ian Kawaley, Karen Williams-Smith, president of the Bar Association, and Karen Skiffington, editor of Offshore Commercial Law in Bermuda

Outgoing Chief Justice Ian Kawaley launched his newest book at a party to mark his retirement from the bench.

Mr Justice Kawaley said he hoped the second edition of Offshore Commercial Law in Bermuda would continue to be a “useful resource” for new and experienced legal professionals.

He also presented a copy of the book to the Bermuda Bar Association, which organised the event in advance of his official retirement tomorrow.

Mr Justice Kawaley said: “Although Bermuda’s legal system is over 400 years old, all local practitioners obtain their formal legal qualifications overseas.

“I hope the second edition of this book will, like the first, be a useful resource for both experienced practitioners and young practitioners alike.”

Mr Justice Kawaley said the book aimed to give “theoretical and practical insights into the main areas of international commercial law practised in Bermuda”.

He added: “I also hope the book will be of interest to overseas lawyers who interact with Bermuda and will, more broadly still, help to promote Bermuda as a legally sophisticated offshore jurisdiction. A copy of the book is being donated to the Bermuda Bar Council in the hope that it will in some small way assist their important continuing legal education programme.”

Karen Skiffington, who edited the book, added: “I am honoured once again to be selected as the editor of this fine work on Bermuda law.

“If I have helped in some small way to add to the body of law for Bermuda, I have achieved my purpose.

“Bermuda is an important, albeit small, jurisdiction in the area of commercial law and I know that Dr Kawaley’s books are anticipated and respected.”

The book was published by Wildy Simmonds & Hill, one of the leading legal publishers in England.

Mr Justice Kawaley is also the editor of Cross-Border Judicial Co-operation in Offshore Litigation and contributed to Cross-Frontier Insolvency of Insurance Companies.

Mr Justice Kawaley has been chief justice of Bermuda and senior commercial judge for six years.

He was appointed to the Supreme Court of Bermuda in July 2003 and was a founding member of Bermuda’s Commercial Court when it was established in 2006.

Mr Justice Kawaley was appointed as a part-time judge of the Financial Services Division of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands in April last year.

He has also served short stints as an acting justice of appeal of the Court of Appeal for Bermuda and the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal.

In October last year, Mr Justice Kawaley became an Overseas Master of the Bench of Middle Temple in London, one of the four Inns of Court and where he was Called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1978.

He was Called to the Bermuda Bar two years later and worked as a government lawyer on the island and in the Seychelles.

Mr Justice Kawaley has also worked as a criminal legal aid lawyer in Bermuda and London, and he was a commercial litigation lawyer on the island before becoming a judge.

The celebration for Mr Justice Kawaley was held at Fourways Inn in Paget and guests included members of the legal profession and the bench.

Karen Williams-Smith, president of the Bermuda Bar Association, said the event was held to recognise “the significant contributions made to our legal system and judiciary” by Mr Justice Kawaley.

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