Kate Garraway has to change dress after getting out the custard – Independent.ie

The presenter was attempting to recreate the World Cup trophy using a melon and custard on the ITV show.

At first the 51-year-old suggested she might throw some over Susanna Reid, saying: “The temptation to wipe this hand all over Susanna is massive.”

But, instead, Sean Fletcher was on the receiving end, as she started to throw custard at him from a bucket.

Reid added: “Kate’s out of control. The wardrobe department is in a panic.”

After the advert break, Garraway was not at the desk.

And Reid told viewers: “Not only has Sean had to go back to wardrobe to change his outfit, but Kate covered herself in custard as well.

“There’s custard on the mouse mat, there’s custard on the seat.”

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis said: “Let’s be honest, Kate had to leave the set as she had a large blob of custard on her cleavage.”

Later Garraway returned, having changed from a blue dress into a pink one.

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