Kansas City Chiefs: Top 10 celebrity Chiefs fans

KANSAS CITY, MO – JUNE 02: Paul Rudd and Rob Riggle walk the Red Carpet before participating in bowling at Pinstripes during the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend benefitting Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City on June 02, 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs have a fan base well known for their loyalty and noise. The Chiefs have a celebrity A-list of fans as well, including some superheroes.

The proud fan base of the Kansas City Chiefs can be spotted miles away. On game day, those fans can be heard miles away. Chiefs fans are as proud of their own accomplishments as they are their beloved team, boasting the world record for noise in an outdoor stadium. A likely untouchable 142.2 decibels.

Some of these celebrity fans are so attached to their favorite NFL team that they take part in pregame ceremonies, charity balls, and onscreen introductions at Arrowhead Stadium. Others have publicly made it a point to share their devotion to the Kansas City Chiefs in one way or another.

Sprinkled in among the crowd are some very familiar faces. There are award-winning actors, award-winning musicians, superheroes, and comedians from some of your favorite movies.

Many of these celebrities were in town last month for the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend, which is an event started by Shawnee Mission graduates Rob Riggle, Paul Rudd, and Jason Sudeikis. The event raises money for Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Together, with the help of friends, they have raised over 8 million since 2010. Paul Rudd even auctioned off a Captain America Shield from Marvel that was signed by more superheroes than in the last Avengers movie.

Now, those three are accompanied by two other celebrities on this list, David Koechner, and Eric Stonestreet. Together, they take Kansas City by storm once a year to help the kids. In between, they root for the Chiefs and entertain us on the big, and small screen.

First up, probably the most vocal celebrity Chiefs fan out of the group.

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