Former Strictly contestant just revealed a major behind-the-scenes secret |


This is GAS.

Former Strictly Come Dancing star, Scott Mills, has revealed a pretty hilarious behind-the-scenes secret.

The show prides itself on the fact that it’s suitable for all ages, even younger audiences.

As a result of this, Strictly producers make a major effort to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and nudity.


And Scott revealed how exactly this works.

“There was a man just to check that my fly was not undone,” Scott said to the Mirror Online.

”But imagine on your first show if your fly was undone, on the first dance.”

“The make-up artist will do final checks a bit before you go down the stairs.”


He continued: “Then a man was like, ‘Just checking your flies’.”

“Wow – is that your job?!” he finished.


Sure look, you have to pay the bills Scott – we can’t all be famous radio DJs.

In other Strictly news, this week pro dancer, Anton Du Beke, revealed the reason why Susannah Constantine is taking part in the show.

“Susannah is doing it because she is a massive fan.”

“All I want is someone who is enthusiastic and loves the show.”

“She has a great personality, we’ve had our first day of training, and I think she will surprise people.” he said.

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