Avengers 4: Loki is ALIVE and these pictures PROVE how and where

Infinity War was packed was shocks but Loki’s last scene was one of the hardest to watch.

The Trickster god has wriggled out of tight spots and apparent death throughout his long and hugely entertaining time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, as Thanos choked the life from him and threw his body to the ground, he categorically said there would be “no resurrections, this time.”

These pictures tell a different story…

The images from the set late last year clearly show Tom Hiddelston as Loki.

He is shackled and even gagged in one shot and the pictures directly correlate with the actions originally shown in the very first Avengers movie.

What is going on? Is this a flashback and Loki is still dead in the present, or is Avengers 4 rewriting the entire timeline?

Many believe the surviving Avengers will somehow travel back in time to either destroy the Infinity Stones before Thanos can use them or to build an Infinity device of their own. BUt what will happen afterwards?

One commentator summed up a popular view: “Guess the originals that survived will perish and ones that faded will return for phase 4!”

Many think the rewritten timeline or new alternate timeline/dimension wil erase the surviving Avengers. 

Almost all agree that either Captain America or Iron Man will die at the climax of Avengers 4.

Loki, though, might just have a chance to get back up to his old tricks…


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