6 summer albums for music lovers of all genres

If you’re tired of the typical summer jams, look no further. This summer has brought a slew of new albums to choose from with bops ranging from rap to pop punk to indie rock. The Red & Black reviewed some of the most-anticipated albums of the season.

Check out these six summer albums:

Kanye West “Ye” album discusses heated, emotional topics

Kanye West’s name has been mentioned in social circles for his political views, but he has also been mentioned for his newest album “Ye.” His album had mixed reviews, with some saying he portrayed mental illness in an apathetic view, while others liked the album because of his fresh rap lyrics and rapping style.

Released: June 1


Paul McCartney announces double single in anticipation of upcoming album

The former member of The Beatles released a double single in anticipation of a new LP, “Egypt Station.” McCartney had not released any music since 2013, so his fans were more than ready to hear more of his music. His new songs “I Don’t Know” and “Come On To Me,” were a mix of somber and soothing music.

Released: June 20

Panic! At The Disco releases album commemorating past and future success

Two years after Panic! At The Disco released their last album titled “Death of a Bachelor,” the band released another album titled “Pray for The Wicked,” featuring catchy and fast-beat songs. Panic! At The Disco’s sixth album was a solid work and a memorable collection of lead singer Brendon Urie’s strong emo-pop vocals and recollection of his past and future successes.

Released: June 22


Drake talks love child, successes in new 25-song double album

Drake’s fifth studio album, “Scorpion,” is a behemoth of 25 songs of heavy rap and meaningful lyrics. In his music, he talks about his career, his failures, his frustrations and his love child. The 25-song album leaves his listeners with a lot to think about and a lot to listen to. Though Drake last released an album just two years ago, “Scorpion” effectively levels out Drake’s talent. Through the duality of hip-hop and R&B, Drake provides fresh material for fans and rap listeners alike.

Released: June 29


Florence + The Machine’s fourth album exceeded expectations, lyrically and instrumentally

Florence + The Machine’s new album, “High As Hope,” provides a glimpse into the lead singer’s, Florence Welch, past and present life struggles. The indie rock album covers a wide range of difficulties and themes with poetic lyrics. “High As Hope” provides a space for Welch to reminisce on her past, evaluate her current situation and emotions and she does so in a very intimate way, inviting listeners and fans to explore her mind with her.

Released: June 29

Mom Jeans. expands lyrical landscape in second album, explores heartbreak, failure

This pop band’s second LP, “Puppy Love,” has a range of diverse musical beats and instruments, as well as silly and sometimes dark lyrics. Listeners have to dig deeper into each of the band’s songs in order to find the hidden meaning. Mom Jeans. has come a long way from their debut LP, “Best Buds.” The second LP showcases the band’s successful collaborations, emotion-heavy songs and quirky lyricism.

Released: July 3

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